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About The Legend of Honey Snow white oncidium

Professor Yeh’s group is a professional plant Biotechnology research team specializing in the field of advanced orchid cultivation and molecular breeding technique. Before company officially formed, the team consists of leading researchers in molecular biology led by Professor Yeh Kai-Wun of National Taiwan University. Dr. Yeh has been incubating the project within the National Taiwan University’s Institute of Plant Biology since 2009. With the financial support from Taiwan’s Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST 110-2823-8-002-002), Dr. Yeh’s team will officially spin off from National Taiwan University in the end of 2021.

Thus far, the research team has developed four technology patents and registered unique orchid varieties for commercialization. These proprietary technologies include:

  1. The nutrition mobilization during the life cycle of growth stage.

  2. The flowering mechanism and flowering regulation

  3. The biosynthetic mechanism of floral pigmentation

  4. Growth promotion and stress tolerance enhanced by the colonization of endo-symbiotic fungi.

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